Comparing Results using T-SQL

Usually, in data migration or ETL projects there is a need for comparing source data with that of the destination once the data is loaded. The challenge is in comparing each field from the source with its counterpart on the destination, for each record – and you can have a whole lot of fields. The […]

We all take things for granted. And one such thing are functions that we are familiar with. When we use a function for the first time, we use it in a certain way and it works. It works a second and third time, and it continues to work – we take it for granted. We […]

Diving for a Smile 2

I wrote a chapter for a book. An extraordinary book. Written and edited by 64 MVPs. It makes me wonder how I even got into the project that includes so many extraordinary and talented people. I should say that the feeling is very overwhelming and humbling. The book is called SQL Server MVP Deep Dives […]

Forgive the cliché up there, but I could not resist it! In data warehousing (and data marting), we usually use the popular dimensional model (or the star schema) to design the data warehouse (or data mart). And it is a common conclusion that your fact tables are going to be huge. And would be updated […]

When using a Data Flow Task in Integration Services, try to avoid data manipulations such as unions, sorts and joins using data flow tasks. Try to include all join, sort and union operations within your source queries itself. This way, you can do away with run-time issues that crop up when running your package with large amounts […]

Now Everyone Can BI

If you had flown AirAsia, you would probably know where I stole the title to this post from. Microsoft did the same thing too. Heh heh! No, not the stealing bit, but providing for (almost) every small organization to use BI – Something which only the big bucks could afford.

My Data Mart is Better than Your Data Warehouse

Everyone talks about data warehouses when it comes to business intelligence (BI); but seldom about data marts. They mostly ignore the term ‘data mart’ even though it is what they are actually working with. Even yours truly is guilty of that more often than not. Alright, so what’s so ding-dong special about a data mart? […]


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